9 Crypto Dashboards You Can Use to Manage Your Digital Assets

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Crypto dashboards have emerged in recent years to allow digital asset investors to manage their portfolios in one place.

Read on for a list of the most popular crypto portfolio management dashboards.


Founded in 2017, Altrady gives you the ability to manage your crypto wallets and execute trades on many crypto exchanges. The dashboard lets you connect all your accounts across multiple exchanges and then lets you track how your coins are performing. Some of the exchanges supported by Altrady include Binance, bittrex, HitBTC, krakenand Coinbase Pro.

Altrady also provides an easy-to-use trading interface that can be customized to your needs, an automated portfolio that allows you to track your assets, and regular price alerts. Additionally, you can use Altrady on both mobile and desktop.

There are different pricing plans available for different types of users, depending on your level of expertise. The first is the basic plan, which is primarily for beginners and costs $19.92 per month. The next tier is the Essential plan, which offers more features for $35.88 per month. Finally, the Premium plan is designed for advanced and professional traders and costs $55.97 per month.

Parts market manager

Coin Market Manager was founded in 2018 as a crypto wallet tracker that helps its users manage their crypto wallets, trades and deals.

The tool prioritizes risk management and responsible trading by helping you and other traders make informed, data-driven trading decisions. These decisions are backed up by ‘logging’ – where they record your trading history for analysis – and provide their own in-depth trading analysis.

With over 35,000 traders using the app, Coin Market Manager has features that can help you manage multiple crypto-assets, accurately track your crypto market and performance, monitor your profits and losses, and check real-time price movements. Through the platform, you can stay informed of the latest news and receive analysis on your trading habits. You also have access to many crypto exchanges such as Binance, BitMEXBittrex, deribitateand more.

As a new user, you can access a 14-day free trial. Then you can subscribe to one of its four pricing plans: Basic (free), Professional ($49.99 per month), Enterprise ($59.99 per month) or CMM Unlocked (Free Forever) that users can get by connecting their accounts with Coin Market Manager referral exchange links.


Founded in 2017, CoinStats reports having over 1.5 million users, all of whom use the platform to view and manage their crypto assets from a number of exchanges and wallet providers.

Some of the exchanges and wallets supported by CoinStats include Binance, Coinbase, Trezorand Nano Ledger. Through the multi-device compatible app, you can access features that help you track coins, see your entire portfolio on one screen, compare your portfolio with friends, and receive updates. weekly progress updates.

CoinStats Pro version for $5 per month and Premium for $20 per month, plus “Special Packages” for trading communities with more than 10 members.


CoinTracker is a crypto wallet management platform that aggregates balances and transactions from major exchanges and wallets. It also provides tax information to up to 500,000 users, allowing you to understand how Bitcoin taxation affects your portfolio, depending on the country you are in.

Founded in 2017, CoinTracker allows traders and crypto holders to access numerous exchanges, synchronize their balances and transactions, and calculate cost basis and capital gains for tax purposes.

You can access some features for free, while there is also the $59 Hobbyist plan and the $199 Premium plan. You can also contact their team for the price of the unlimited plan (one-time payment for the tax year).


With CoinTracking, you can track your digital currency transactions in one platform. Indeed, it allows you to automatically or manually import the details of your transactions and to use tools to analyze the prices of coins and the value of your holdings. Plus, it helps you determine your trade taxes.

CoinTracking has onboarded over a million users since its launch in 2013, when it was the world’s first crypto portfolio manager and tax reporting tool. You can use its tax reporting tool to help you calculate the total cost of your transaction and prepare the data to file your returns.

With access to many crypto exchanges, such as BitfinexCommentBinance, Bittrex, Coinbase and Binary stamp, you can access CoinTracking’s services using several payment plans, in addition to the free option. Pro costs $10.99 per month, Expert costs $16.99 per month, and Unlimited costs $54.99 per month.


Crypto Pro was founded in 2015 as a privacy-focused crypto portfolio tracking and management app. Being privacy-focused, the app does not store any user data or use any analytics tools to track your behavior as a user. Instead, all user data is encrypted and stored locally on your device.

The app is mobile-optimized, with over 35,000 users giving it 5-star reviews on the App Store. With Crypto Pro, you can track over 5,500 digital currencies and tokens, access exchange application programming interface (API) connections, use the currency conversion calculator, customize widgets, and more.

As for the cost, Crypto Pro is free for beginners. If you’re an advanced user, you can access a $47.99/year subscription with a 7-day free trial to kickstart your experience.

Delta App

With over 3 million app downloads worldwide, Delta is a multi-asset investment tracking app that supports over 7,000 coins and over 300 exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase and Houbi. The app lets you access prices for a wide range of assets and also provides you with detailed information on the latest projects and news in your area of ​​interest.

Delta was launched in 2017 and acquired by eToro in 2019. It is supported on both mobile and desktop devices, allowing you to access its services wherever you are.

Some of the platform’s key features include an intelligence tool called “Delta Direct” which regularly sends you news and updates on your investments, the ability to set up price alerts for your holdings, and the ability to create multiple portfolios for different investors or different strategies. .

In terms of pricing, Delta offers a free Basic plan and a Delta Pro plan, the price of which will depend on your country. The current Delta PRO Early Backer subscription costs between $50 and $80 per year.


Kubera is an app that lets you track your crypto and other major investment classes such as global currencies, stocks, and precious metals. The app even supports more esoteric assets such as cars, URLs, and private equity.

Kubera has the unique feature of letting your crypto assets be passed on to a loved one in the event of death or any other unfortunate incident instead of them being inaccessible in a crypto wallet to which only you had the private keys.

The wallet interface is easy to use and connects to multiple exchanges and wallets including Coinbase, Ledger, Trezor, Kraken and Gemini. The app offers its services for $150 per year, along with a 14-day trial for $1.


Zerion focuses on decentralized finance (DeFi). As a DeFi investor, you can track the performance of all your assets in one place. Additionally, you can interact with DeFi protocols, buy and trade tokens, lend, borrow, and more.

Since its launch in 2016, Zerion has surpassed 200,000 monthly active users and traded over $1 billion as of September 2021. It has integrated popular DeFi protocols like Compound (COMP), Uniswap (UNI) and Maker (MKR ). Recently, the app also started allowing its users to track non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

All Zerion services are available free of charge. However, it charges trading fees on the network when trading crypto.


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