A major creditor in a bankruptcy case involving the former owner of Olympus Pools wants the whole case thrown out


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A lead creditor in the bankruptcy case involving Olympus Pools owner James Staten is seeking to have the entire bankruptcy case dismissed, according to a recently filed petition.

Court records reviewed by Better Call Behnken show that SCP Distributors filed the petition today. The company accuses James Staten and his wife, Alexis Staten, of “attempting to abuse the bankruptcy process and completely avoid a legitimate debt they owe SCP distributors by making false statements accusing SCP distributors of forgery and fraud”.

Better Call Behnken has extensively reported on Olympus Pools, a company that closed under scrutiny for incomplete pool contracts in the Tampa Bay area.

Debtors “know that these allegations are false, because when they had previously made these allegations in the state court litigation, they were shown proof of the falsity of their claims and instead, by l ‘through counsel, they have entered into a settlement agreement with the SCP Distributors,’ the filing states.

“This court should not allow debtors to abuse the bankruptcy process and should therefore dismiss the case,” writes an attorney for SCP Distributors in the motion to dismiss.

Attorney Joel Aresty, who is representing the Statens in the bankruptcy case, told investigator Shannon Behnken that it appears this filing was intended to be “some kind of bombshell” by SCP.

“There are factual disputes between SCP and the debtor,” Aresty said. “We are reviewing these factual disputes, but there are no grounds for dismissal of the entire Alabama bankruptcy case.”

Better Call Behnken has reached out to SCP distributors for comment on this story and is awaiting a response.


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