Ai Weiwei has a reward for you if you can answer this question


Each artist has their own existential question.

William Shakespeare wondered whether it was better “to be or not to be”; Ai Weiwei wonders about our future. The Chinese star of contemporary art is participating in an art installation in London whose aim is to reflect on the post-Covid world.

To experience the art installation “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE”, art lovers should head to the heart of London – to Piccadilly Circus. The project was launched in early October by CIRCA, a new platform presenting digital art on a daily basis, both online and in a public space in the English capital. Many international artists have been invited to participate, including Ai Weiwei, Marina Abramović, Nikita Gale, Indy Johar and Tom Whyman.

To make the installation even more interactive, CIRCA invites the public to share their own answers to the question asked by “WHERE ARE WE GOING FROM HERE”. They can submit their responses to CIRCA website until October 30 in the hope of winning an unreleased work by Ai Weiwei. The lucky winner will also have their answer displayed on giant screens in the middle of Piccadilly Circus.

The artist created a special edition of 51 prints titled “#CIRCAECONOMY”, all signed by him. While one of Ai Weiwei’s prints will be offered as part of the launch of “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE”, the others will be on sale on CIRCA in the coming weeks. Their selling price: £ 5,000 (around 28,550 RM). Proceeds from the sale will help support CIRCA’s free public art program in London, Tokyo, Seoul, Milan and New York, while strengthening the #CIRCAECONOMY initiative.

Give new impetus to public art

“We are starting to test the limits of how art in the public domain can not only speak to ordinary people and intervene in public debate, but listen and respond, giving new creative impetus to powerful and positive ideas. “, underlined Josef O’Connor, artistic director of CIRCA.

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the debate over the importance of public art in the face of prolonged closures of museums and other cultural venues. The City of Toronto has decided to dedicate 4.5 million Canadian dollars (Canadian dollars) (approximately RM15.1 million) to a 10-year public art program. As part of the ArtworxTO project, more than 350 new murals, installations, exhibitions, artistic events and dance works are expected to be created by 2022.

A vital investment, according to Toronto Mayor John Tory.

“As we seek to rebuild our city after the pandemic and instill a renewed sense of hope and dynamism, the arts and culture sector will play a big role in our success,” he said in September. , when announcing the launch of ArtworxTO. – AFP


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