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The variety of initiatives using cryptoassets continues to grow, even involving electronic games. The most recent example is Genopets, a blockchain-based game from Solana, which grossed US $ 8.3 million (R $ 46.7 million, at current price) in a series of seed investments, according to a company announcement on Monday (65).

Genopets is not the first game with ties to the cryptoasset market. One of the most popular is the Infinite Axis, a play-to-win style RPG in which the player, as they improve their characters, earns the so-called Smooth Love Potions (SLP), which, in addition to in-game perks, are also a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged.

However, Infinite Axis, with its popularity, begins to be hostile to newbie players, as everyone should buy three different NFTs to make up your in-game squad, and currently their price can vary from US $ 65 (around R $ 1.3 thousand, in conversion) up to US $ 65,000 (R $ 732,000).

Albert Chen states that in the case of GenoPets, in which the methods free to play (“Free to play”, in Portuguese) and play-to-gain (“play to profit”) are combined, this high initial rate will not be repeated, and that the game could become a bridge between players outside the crypto world and those already used to blockchain technology, thus attracting a wider audience.

For the moment, Genopets is in a closed beta phase, in which selected players can test the game. No date has been announced for the release of the final version of the game.

Source: review, InfoMoney, Genopets

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