Blue Ocean Capital Expands Horizon to Capture More Multi-Family Assets in Dallas Fort Worth TX



Provider of alternative investment assets to professionals, Blue Ocean Capital continues to expand its reach with the recent acquisition of real estate in Texas

The Blue Ocean Capital team, led by passionate and forward-thinking Chander Mishra, remains true to its goal of helping investors, especially professionals, earn passive income and build generational wealth. Known for its prowess in apartment investing, Blue Ocean Capital recently announced an incredible opportunity for investors, especially medical professionals, to invest in Haltom Oaks apartments. We were filled very quickly and already closed on this opportunity.

One of the major challenges facing millions of people around the world is the creation and management of wealth. It becomes even more difficult for professionals who are not particularly savvy in business, many of them burning their fingers in the highly volatile stock market and other asset classes due to lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, many of the so-called investment houses did not improve the situation, losing people’s hard earned money due to their inefficiency. However, Capital of the blue ocean seeks to change the narrative by helping people avoid stock market volatility and gain financial freedom with constant cash flow by investing in real estate passively. When we say passive yes, it is completely passive for investors.

Blue Ocean Capital has a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals leveraging their wealth of knowledge in the multi-family investment space to help investors create passive income. Over the years, the company has worked with physicians and other medical professionals, becoming virtually the go-to source for physician concerts.

The company has built a reputation for partnering with high net worth individuals seeking alternative investments to improve their cash flow while ensuring tax efficiency, with a long list of clients including CPAs, private equity firms -investment and many others.

We recently closed the Haltom Oaks opportunity and the exciting new Mercury portfolio is an incredible value-added opportunity for investors to be a part of the lucrative Dallas-Fort Worth, TX real estate market, helping to preserve and grow their wealth. with relatively little stress.

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