CNL and Data Science Nigeria Award Winners of AI Hackathon | The Guardian Nigeria News


Data Science Nigeria (DSN), a non-governmental organization that is building an ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge, research and innovation in Nigeria, has implemented another program through its AI for Energy Hackathon.

The NNPC / CNL JV (CNL) sponsored program was created for participants to develop artificial intelligence solutions for reducing carbon emissions in the energy sector, with three teams emerging as the first winners.

According to DSN, 609 applications were received from more than 100 establishments. After a careful selection process, 184 participants were selected from 40 separate teams.

In total 25 solutions were received with different results ranging from hardware, software, academic papers / posters, analytical models and proof of concept. From the submitted documentation, seven of the top finalists were selected to present their solution.

Three teams emerged as winners of a total cash prize of N3,000,000. The grand prize winner of N1,500,000 is Team Premier; the finalist (2nd position) is Team Chemotronix, winning N1,000,000 and the second finalist (3rd position) is Team Titans, winning N500,000 in the process.

Speaking in the grand finale this weekend, Data Science Nigeria President, and Chief Data Scientist of Seagen, USA, Dr Uyi Stewart said: Our terrible capital development effort.

“It is no coincidence what AI can do to transform society, I am living proof of this in my daily work, what we need now is for you to unleash your creative and innovative potential. to explore how to solve local issues that will make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.

In his welcome speech, Bobby Hulett, Director and Digital Sponsor of Deepwater and PSCs, Chevron Nigeria Limited, said: A tool for personal and societal growth and sustainability.

He challenged participants to focus on evolving real-world solutions that solve real-world problems and advance the field of artificial intelligence in Nigeria rather than winning.

The Director of Business Services Department, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Cosmos Iwueze, congratulated Data Science Nigeria for launching the hackathon with the aim of creating an ecosystem for local talent development and sector application in energy with the The broader goal of increasing the employability of young Nigerians through hands-on exposure to real-world data science.

He said, “Building a solution orientation where theories are applied and deployed is a very laudable initiative.

“It was a very intensive program and I am proud of the participants,” said Iwueze, urging the students to hone the complementary skills they developed during the hackathon in addition to the technical skills they demonstrated.

“The skills are not only there to advance your efforts towards full solutions, but they are also essential for success in life. Therefore, consider the speed involved in developing your solutions. I am very happy because what you have developed shows that Nigeria is better in your hands. By working as a team during the process, adopt the spirit of collaboration; this is the only way to achieve it, ”he advised.


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