DeFi Ecosystem and Reward Token That Fulfilled Their 1000 BNB Presale in 15 Seconds


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Microcap cryptocurrencies, that is, cryptocurrencies with a market cap of less than US $ 50 million, are one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, and for good reason. These crypto projects generate insane returns with relatively little investment, reaching returns on investment as high as 50,000% in a matter of weeks. That being said, actually participating in these feedbacks is easier said than done.

Take Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for example, one of the most popular blockchains for trading microcap crypto tokens. To buy tokens on BSC, investors need to navigate at least three different apps: one to buy the native Binance Smart Chain Coin (BNB), a wallet to hold the BNB, and an exchange to trade the BNB for other Binance Smart devices. Chain. tokens. On top of that, integrations between these apps can be buggy and difficult to activate, leaving new and even seasoned investors frustrated and potentially unable to capitalize on the next opportunity.

The team of Lunar challenge plans to change that with their Lunar DEX, an app that aims to revolutionize microcap cryptocurrency trading by uniting the entire process under one streamlined platform. Their goal is to bring a Robinhood-like user experience to micro-cap crypto investing, making the process much less difficult and time-consuming for seasoned investors, while significantly lowering the barrier to entry for new investors.

The Lunar team does not intend to stop there. Their end goal for the Lunar DEX is to allow users to trade any crypto currency on any different blockchain in a single transaction.

The Lunar DEX Wallet is a component of a larger DeFi ecosystem that they are building, one that rewards those who participate.

The lunar token (LNR):

At the heart of the Lunar ecosystem is the Lunar Token (LNR), which distributes 3% of LNR transactions and a percentage of Lunar DEX Wallet transactions to holders in passive reflections, allowing the community to benefit from the success of the ecosystem beyond increasing the value of their holdings.

In addition, 3% of LNR transactions are sent to a cash pool to facilitate trading and stabilize the value of the token, and 5.5% of transactions are sent to a growth wallet which is used for marketing, development and LNR’s strategic buyouts / burns. These redemptions / combustions are used as a compensatory measure when prices or transaction volumes are low to increase the value of the token and discourage early sales.

There are also anti-whale and anti-bot mechanisms built into the smart contract. A maximum transaction size of 1% and a maximum wallet size of 2% have been put in place to prevent people who hold a substantial portion of the total supply from being able to significantly influence the price of the token. The team plans to implement and release an opening day anti-bot mechanism aimed at cracking down on automated trading, while allowing human investors to trade freely.

NFT with passive income:

The lunar ecosystem Will also include its own NFT collection, Lunar Legion, which distributes 0.5% of LNR transactions to holders. This is the first step in their end goal of bringing the simplified user experience of the Lunar DEX Wallet to the world of NFT investing.

The Lunar team is well positioned to make these visions a reality. Their team is made up of highly talented developers, marketers, designers and serial entrepreneurs who have been successful in growing businesses and delivering software to past businesses.

The project also already has promising traction. Their pre-sale of 1000 BNB sold in 15 seconds, their LNR token has been multiplied by 3 since launch and they have accumulated 9,000 holders within 3 days of the token launch.

The lunar community is already emerging as one of the most engaged and passionate communities in the space, and the team believe it because of the vision, focus on quality, and the set of values fundamental on which it is based. With the growth of the cryptocurrency industry showing no signs of slowing down, the Lunar team is confident that it will live up to its name and grow the project to the moon and beyond.

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