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Latest Animoca MotoGP Ignition Updates: Development Progress and New Reward Mechanism

Play to Earn (P2E) title from Animoca Brands and REVV Motorsport, MotoGP ignitionrekindled the excitement of the community by introducing new ways to integrate Shard Tokens (SHRD) into the game and hinting at the completion of their next game, MotoGP ignition administrator.

Shard (SHRD) integration with MotoGP Ignition

Recently, REVV Motorsport introduced the Shard Token (SHRD), an interoperable blockchain token that enhances players’ gaming experience in such REVV Motorsport titles like Formula E: High Voltage, REVV Raceand MotoGP ignition.

Shard Tokens (SHRD) have been used to collect Hot Shot NFTs and other digital collectibles in MotoGP ignition. In the latest announcement, MotoGP Ignition introduced a new reward mechanism called the Shard (SHRD) Boost System.

Powered by Shard Tokens (SHRD), the new reward mechanism will enable greater Shard Return (SHRD) by allowing players to leverage their NFT collections and maximize their rewards.

Here is a breakdown of the new reward mechanic:

  • Cards, or Hot Shots, will come with unique boost values ​​determined by their rarity, with the most common having the lowest boost value and the rarest having the highest boost value.
  • Players can use their boost values ​​to improve their Shard boost levels (SHRD), thus increasing the potential Shard Tokens (SHRD) and the rewards they earn from events.

MotoGP Ignition Manager: from pole position to undercut

MotoGP ignition manager is MotoGP ignition Long-awaited competitive multiplayer management game where players will compete in races, asking their racers to complete tricks while managing various variables such as gear, stamina, and more. to take the lead.

MotoGP ignition manager was billed as the flagship game of MotoGP ignition lineup, where players can put their Hot Shot NFT Collection and other collectibles to use. However, it is important to note that the game has been in development for over two years since its initial launch.

After much waiting, MotoGP ignition The developer team has shared some exciting development progress, hinting that the game may launch an open beta in January next year.

Here is a summary of the development updates:

  • MotoGP ignition manager comes at the end of the prototyping phase. Dev teams are finalizing the economy system and tweaking some technical challenges.
  • The Motorland Aragon and Sachsenring circuits were added to the engine.

on the reverse

  • Although still under development, previews of the management game seem disconnected from the current standard of AAA games. On closer inspection, the texture and shaders aren’t as sharp, the lighting and reflection system still needs to be implemented, and the game’s models look a decade old.

Why You Should Care

MotoGP ignition is a representation of institutional adoption. Supported by MotoGP, MotoGP ignition is part of a joint effort to provide better racing experiences for riders and gamers through Web 3.0.

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