Double Peak Group has a strong investment portfolio of digital assets


The company believes that these alternative investment assets hold vast potential, which is why they have taken it further

Guwahati: The power of digital assets and blockchain was unknown a few years ago when they debuted. There was literally no noise around these, as people were unaware of their potential.

However, these have gained momentum and the world has started to see it as a better investment option than traditional investments. The global sale of NFTs that took place last year proved that these digital assets had indeed arrived, with a bang.

Many experts associated with this industry believe that these would form an important part of all businesses that will operate in the future. Although still in its infancy, the operation of this industry will accelerate and reign, much like digital payments are now, which have been held at bay by many when they have intervened.

Many people have realized the power of these digital assets and have plunged in to capitalize on its growing trend. Galen Law-Kun is one of them who has been in the crypto space for quite a while now, having learned in-depth how it works.

He strongly advocates the use of digital assets as they facilitate ways of doing business. There would be a time in the near future when cryptocurrencies and NFTs would form an important part of any business operation, says Law-Kun who co-founded Double Peak Group, a family office focused on investing in digital assets and digital assets. blockchain space. .

Founded in 2017, it is based in Asia. Having experienced the digital asset and blockchain space, Law-Kun and other like-minded individuals formed this company which has major interests in the crypto and blockchain space.

Double Peak Group has adopted a philosophy of value investing and making key long-term investments in seed funding rounds and secondary markets. The ultimate goal of the company is to bring together cutting-edge decentralized technologies, and they have achieved this since its inception, which is quite impressive.

There is an experienced team behind the group who are well versed in how distinct industries like investment banking, private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurship work. Having long acted as investors and advisors, they have established close working relationships with other players operating in Asia.

Till date, Double Peak Group has invested in distinct areas such as Asset Management, Banking & Payments, Cross-Chain Platforms, CeFi-DeFi Bridges, Infrastructure Protocols, investment funds, gaming/NFT, privacy/security, metaverse, commerce and exchanges.


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