Eastside Distilling’s Craft Canning will acquire the assets and services of Aprch Beverages


Subsidiary artisanal cannery + printing of Eastside Distilling, Inc. ISconcluded a asset and services purchase agreement with Aprch Beverage Co.

Craft Canning acquired the production facility previously operated by Aprch Beverage Co. in Portland, Oregon and agreed to be the exclusive provider of can printing and co-packing services to Aprch for products distributed by Aprch in Washington or Oregon, including all of April CBD Water Flavors. Craft Canning began supplying cans and services to Aprch last week.

Geoffrey GwinCEO of Eastside, said, “We are delighted to enter into this long-term relationship with Aprch, who have had tremendous success building their CBD and wellness water brands. This relationship launches Craft Canning into fixed co-packaging of CBD products with a world-class client. The agreement highlights the value of our end-to-end digital printing technology and production capabilities serving the Pacific Northwest. »

About Eastside Distilling

A consumer-focused beverage company that manufactures premium spirits and ready-to-drink craft cocktails while providing services to the craft beverage industry. The company is distinguished by its range of products which includes Azuñia tequilas, Burnside whiskeys, Hue-Hue coffee rum and Portland potato vodkas. Eastside’s Craft Canning + Bottling subsidiary is one of the North West’s leading independent bottlers of spirits and ready-to-drink canned goods.

Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Eastside Distilling, Inc.


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