Faraland Launches New Soul Stone and Text Game Reward Mechanics


Faraland, a multiplayer NFT RPG game that allows players to own thousands of unique NFTs, has announced more details about its text game mechanic, which includes a Soul Stone reward mechanic – a game changer for gamers looking to experience the full gameplay and offering that Faraland has to offer.

Soul Stone was introduced to allow fairer gameplay for users who do not currently own heroes. Since there are only 20,000 heroes, a rarity item pushed each hero’s floor up to 0.8 BNB, making it difficult for some users to own heroes. If one thing is clear, it’s that the Faraland team want the game to be enjoyed by as many people as possible and Soul Stone is helping to make it a reality.

In short, Soul Stone will allow players to summon half-heroes, which are heroes with a limited lifespan. Half Heroes are identical to NFT Heroes in terms of appearance, race, ability to fight, and earn rewards. Half heroes can also be equipped with weapons and go into battle. Due to the limited lifespan of Demi heroes, players can only keep them alive by using Soulstones. Half-heroes will be unlimited in quantity, but will still share rarity traits (like an angel or demon). Most importantly, by owning a Soul Stone, players will be able to experience all of Faraland’s amazing features at a low investment.

Faraland Continues Its Way As A Leading Blockchain Game

Commonly regarded as one of the most exciting and promising blockchain games, Faraland has also been touted for the possibilities to play to win it provides to its users. Compatible with Android and iOS, Faraland has attracted thousands of global fans who have started collecting heroes in anticipation of the game’s full launch in Q4 2021.

Faraland stands out from the crowd by combining NFT technology with an addictive gaming experience. Each hero, Faraland’s NFT trademark, is unique and offers users a diverse set of actions such as equipping them with powerful weapons or shiny armor to engage them in battles. There are also a variety of options available to users, including reinvesting in the game, boosting your heroes, or cashing out.

In this sense, Faraland creates a career path for players, collectors and NFT enthusiasts who can play from their cell phones and earn rewards.

Other recently announced mechanics include the game’s various quests (mission system), the boss mechanic (heroes who can complete tricky and difficult tasks), and the reward mechanic which includes gems, items, materials and soul stones.

Half Hero and Soul Stone will be released in the upcoming Expedition Text Set. Details on the mechanics of the Half Hero and Soul Stone will be updated soon.

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