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Houston Freedom Day Solutions has already made headlines with its breakthrough retirement planning strategies and its Freedom Day Dividend ETF (MBOX). Today, Freedom Day Solutions announces the launch of Freedom Day Crypto Assets (FDCA), the first privately managed crypto asset portfolio. The first portfolio of its kind and actively managed in-house, FDCA brings the benefits of professional management to investors interested in the crypto asset class.

HOUSTON, April 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Freedom Day Solutions Announces the Launch of Freedom Day Crypto Assets (FDCA), the First Privately Managed Crypto Asset Portfolio

Freeing itself from the confines of Wall Street, Freedom Day Solutions brings American investors new solutions to create wealth

Freedom Day Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Freedom Day Crypto Assets (FDCA), a privately managed portfolio of crypto assets. The first portfolio of its kind, FDCA is strategically suited for investors who reside in United States. Actively managed in-house by Freedom Day Solutions’ team of seasoned advisors, Freedom Day Crypto Assets is designed to bring the benefits of the Crypto asset class to those ready to invest in the space.

Property of Freedom Day Solutions Jackson wood and ryan kruger bring over three decades of portfolio management to the crypto asset space, having built and managed investment portfolios since launching their business. Over a decade of experience in crypto trading, Jackson wood was an early investor in Bitcoin in 2012 and has since embraced this cutting-edge technology to create crypto wallets for Freedom Day’s clientele.

“I first bought Bitcoin in 2012, with the belief that this technology would bless the lives of many people around the world. I witnessed the creation of Ethereum in 2015 and the innovation and disruption the project has created With a combined value of over $1.5 trillion, these two technologies have paved the way for new innovations in currency, financial services and other industries, and we believe that investing in this asset class will provide a tremendous opportunity for the clients we serve. . We couldn’t be more excited to bring our skills and capabilities in this niche industry to the clients we work for.” – Jackson woodPortfolio Manager, Freedom Day Solutions

Freedom Day Crypto Assets is an actively managed crypto strategy for Freedom Day Solutions (FDS) clients. The FDCA is designed to accompany a comprehensive financial plan, complementing a well-diversified portfolio. Freedom Day Solutions is an independent company, serving clients across the country. FDS currently manages approximately $500 million for individuals and families. FDS customers who participate in the FDCA own cryptocurrencies and tokens directly in their personal accounts.

Freedom Day Solutions is dedicated to helping clients navigate the emerging asset class of crypto assets through active management. All research and exchanges are done internally. FDCA’s goal is to guide our clients safely through the crypto landscape while limiting downside risk and capitalizing on opportunities unique to this asset class.

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Freedom Day Solutions is an independent, industry-leading financial management firm dedicated to serving families across the country with an unparalleled sense of trust and authenticity. Founded in 2006, Freedom Day Solutions is a family business that left Wall Street behind to usher in a new era of dedicated care with a focus on relationships. Freedom Day Solutions was created to bridge the gap between reliability and profit for American families. Backed by a team of seasoned experts, Freedom Day Solutions guides clients through their financial journey from start to finish with care, consideration and tactful guidance.

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