Ministerial role is a nice reward for donating £ 150,000 to the Tories


So an elected Scottish Tory MP is pulled from the Scottish office to be replaced by a failed Tory candidate from Holyrood who has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Tories.

As a reward he is now not only a Minister in the Scottish Office, for which he will be well paid, but also now a Member of the House of Lords, with an attendance allowance of £ 300 + per day, plus expenses and a number other advantages. Not a bad return on your investment!

Money for honors is not only alive and well, but flourishing among conservative friends, as the low-paid, unemployed and homeless lose part of their welfare allowance below the subsistence level.

L McGregor

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THE price to pay to be a Lord – donate to the Conservative Party, then find a job at the Scottish office. Why bother with elections and the hard work of working for your constituents and serving as an MP or MSP when you can just buy your ticket?

And donating to the Tory seems to me to be the way to get / buy lucrative contracts from this shady Tory government, which has no shame and no morals, but manages to break and bend all the rules for their sake. allow to carve out this country. for their own interests and their profit-making ambition.

Test and Trace is a prime example – the Conservatives thought they knew better than National Health Teams across the country and unfortunately we all suffered because of their arrogance and stupidity and ended up with a a million dollar test and traceability system that never worked properly. . The money wasted could have improved this public service and made it even better.

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Meanwhile, Labor is spending time crafting a “process” to prepare for government. Can anyone tell them that they are currently in opposition and that they are AWOL? Boris should be on his knees – one disaster after another and Labor is nowhere to be found or heard.

About 75 minutes into Starmer’s speech and he remembers Scotland – he has to dig there – so he pushes hard: “two bad governments”. And what about the big one, the constitution? ‘We are the Party of the Union’, meaning that democracy doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what the Scots want, that the Conservatives and Labor Lied to them in 2014 doesn’t matter. The Vow – what happened to it? A federal

country – what happened to this? Then Brown will appear again to save the Union. Being like Boris, he’ll promise anything, lie, try to ignore, make another wish to us, promising things he can’t keep. Once bitten, twice shy.

Can anyone explain what Starmer (citing Brown) was talking about donating blood? If memory serves, it was the yoons who threatened the Scottish people with transplants if we left the Union. Fear tactics have been tried and failed; we will no longer be fooled.

The stench of Westminster is overwhelming now – we have to get out before it poisons us all.

Winifred McCartney

The ABBI Garton-Crosbie article, ‘Unelected Scottish Office Minister Donates £ 2.5,000 to Gove’ (2 October) highlights what should be interpreted as corruption.

Did Malcolm Offord’s “promotion” to the House of Lords require Royal Assent? If so, why was it donated? The Scots are entitled to an answer.

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It must be remembered that as recently as May 2021, Malcolm Offord was rejected by the Scottish electorate. In addition, he was the Conservative Party’s fifth choice among its candidates for a list seat. It seems he is not even popular within his own party.

What has become evident is that if one has enough money, a “rise” in the House of Lords is achievable.

Does the Conservative Party under Prime Minister Boris Johnson consider democracy?

Thomas L Inglis

It was striking that a lifetime peerage and a ministerial post cost just under £ 150,000. I am of course referring to the “gift” made by Malcolm Offord, who has been appointed a Life Peer and Minister of the Office for Scotland.

Aside from the fact that Prime Minister Johnson could not find any suitable candidate within the ranks of the Scottish Tory MPs to nominate, it should be noted that Mr Offord was rejected at the polls in this year’s Scottish parliamentary elections. This is yet another example, if need be, of continued cronyism and contempt for democracy.

Westminster, however, is no stranger to such 20th century ‘money for honors’ scandals, rewarding those with deep pockets. They held the positions of Prime Minister of David Cameron and Tony Blair. Even before that there was the infamous “Lavender

List ”, which listed the businessmen Mr. Wilson had chosen to honor his 1976 resignation.

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David Lloyd George, the Liberal Prime Minister, found himself embroiled in a major “money for patronage” scandal over his honor list for resignation in 1922.

Mr. Lloyd George has been accused of raising funds for his party through the sale of peerages. These were arranged by political fixer Maundy Gregory, who sold peerages “ranging from £ 10,000 (over £ 400,000 today) for a knight to £ 40,000 for a baronet”, according to The Guardian. Prevention of Abuses) Act in 1925, and Gregory would ultimately become the only person to be convicted under the law.

Considering the cost of a peerage under Lloyd George, Mr Offord’s £ 150,000 ‘gift’ seems a rather paltry sum.

Alex Orr


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