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The consolidation process involves combining several financial obligations into one loan, thanks to which the customer can pay only one installment per month. Although it is not a way out of debt, it is a helping hand for many borrowers. Above all, they pay a lower installment than the sums they have repaid so far, and, secondly, they also receive additional cash for any purpose. Consolidation is offered by many banks, it is not required to have an account or financial liability in a given banking institution.

You have installments on your mind due to cash and installment loans? Or maybe you prefer repayment but installments instead of a few? Consolidation seems the best solution. The bank will cover all your debts, and you sign a new loan agreement with only one institution. Depending on the needs, a standard consolidation loan and a mortgage consolidation loan are available, which will be mainly intended to regulate the housing loan.

Consolidation can be subject to:

  • loans and cash loans
  • installment commitments
  • mortgage products
  • car loans
  • account limits
  • debits on your credit card

All these products can be combined with each other. Importantly, payday consolidation is not offered by .

What are the advantages of a consolidation loan?

Although it is also a financial commitment, it has its undoubted advantages. First of all, as mentioned earlier, customers pay only one installment per month. In addition, it is lower than the sums previously returned due to the debt holders. This is because customers get a longer loan period. It should be remembered, however, that the consolidation loan is addressed only to persons who have settled their receivables without delay and have the ability to repay it in accordance with the schedule. Therefore, when applying for a loan, you must submit documents confirming the source and amount of income.

Along with applying for debt consolidation, you can also get extra cash for any purpose. In addition, the loan can be secured against unfortunate fortuitous events, which involves the purchase of an insurance package.

Why choose Peraza?

Peraza specializes in consolidation and cash loans. All you need is one application filled online and the company will send a query to several banks with whom it works. Within a short time, the client will learn the best proposals for consolidation loans. The ability to repay the installment by 30% of the lower installment.

The advantages of consolidation in Peraza

  • individual offer tailored to the client’s needs
  • one application = several proposals from different lenders
  • free service

How it’s working

A customer interested in Peraza services completes a short online application. It provides the necessary information on the sum of consolidated financial liabilities and the loan period. Peraza, thanks to cooperation with many banks, analyzes the information provided by the applicant and presents the cheapest offer on the market. The use of the website is completely free. Sending an application to several lenders does not affect the reduction of BIK scores. 
Applicants for a consolidation loan through Peraza must meet the following conditions:

  • permanent employment
  • creditworthiness to return a financial liability
  • positive credit history
  • no arrears in repayment of other loans and credits