The Central Bank of Azerbaijan reveals the total assets of the country’s financial organizations


BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 19. Total assets of financial organizations in Azerbaijan currently stand at 15.6 billion manats ($9.1 billion), Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), Azar Alasgarov, according to Trend.

According to Alasgarov, 74.4% of these assets belong to banking organizations, 22.8% – to non-bank credit organizations (NBCOs), 2.6% – to insurance companies and 0.2% – to insurance companies. investment.

“Bank assets increased by 7.6% or 2.9 billion manats ($1.7 billion) – up to 41.4 billion manats ($24.3 billion) in the first five month of 2022,” Alasgarov said.

He also added that the banks’ loan portfolio exceeded 18 billion manats ($10.5 billion), having increased by 8.6% (1.4 billion manats or $823.5 million) over the course of the year. the year.

“Asset liquidity increased by 1.8 billion manats or $1.05 billion – up to 15.7 billion manats ($9.2 billion). Some eight billion manats ($4.7 billion billion) of this amount fell on medium-term liabilities and 6 billion manats ($3.5 billion) on other liabilities,” he said.

Alasgarov also noted that the banks’ total deposit portfolio is 29.7 billion manats ($17.4 billion).

“A number of 19.3 billion manats ($11.3 billion) of this amount fell on the share of legal entities and individuals – 10.3 billion manats ($6.05 billion)”, added Alasgarov.


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