Urgent loans

Currently there are many entities that allow us to access urgent loans. One of the most common options are traditional banks, only to access the same debts and to be clients of them beforehand. Our loans will depend on our seniority.

Another option that many turn to is private equity companies, which give us the opportunity to get urgent loans in a matter of minutes. All this without having to go to the bank, without being part of a payroll and through any electronic device.

And the requirements to access them are much more flexible than banks, and without having to submit large amounts of documentation.

Types of urgent loans

There are many types of urgent loans to which we currently have accessibility depending on the funding we seek and fit in our profile.

Each type of urgent loans are designed for a particular purpose, and having knowledge of them will help us to correctly choose the one that best suits our situation.

Here are some of the types of urgent loans that we can request and their main characteristics:

  • Minicréditos instantly: they are urgent loans with which we can get a maximum of 1,200 euros in a matter of 15 minutes. With possibility of reimbursement of up to 30 days. In general, your interest rate is around 1.1% daily.
  • Urgent personal loans: these are based on urgent loans of larger amounts with respect to mini-loans. Depending on the amount you wish to apply for you can get loans of 4,000 and 6,000 euros. Your refund can be made for several years and your interest rate is between 5% and 12%.
  • Credit cards: this product is marketed by financial institutions and above all, banks. Each card has a credit limit that we can use, normally ranges between 600 and 10,000 euros.

Requirements to get urgent loans

Urgent loans are usually characterized by the few requirements that are required when you want to access them.

However, it is necessary to comply with the minimum of specifications in order to access the quick loan that we wish to obtain. And although all have their specific criteria, they agree on the following policies:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Live in Spain.
  • Have income regularly.
  • Do not belong to a list of defaulters.

Documents to access urgent loans:

Not only must we comply with the aforementioned requirements, but we must also present a series of documents when making the request for urgent loans.

These are the documents that we must have prepared for the application of the urgent loans :

  • Identification document: the national identity document, the NIE or the passport will serve so that the company can verify our identity.
  • Proof of the assets that we receive regularly: a payroll, the unemployment benefit, the pension or a document that verifies that we have sufficient and regular income to face the payment of the credit.
  • Extract of the current account that we use habitually: Thus the lender will be able to know the income that regularly enters the account and the fixed expenses that the client has and evaluate if it fulfills the requirements and if it can really face the debt.